Who we are

We are inspired by the new and the next. By progressive thinking and extraordinary outcomes.

Some of the experiences we want people to have are deliberate and designed, but the majority are spontaneous and surprising.

Our approach
We invest in the spaces and places that are overlooked. Where new possibilities require a granular eye, and then reimagine the impossible to create the cities next iconic place.

Our investments
The real estate we acquire is more than vacant space to create more vertical towers. It’s about tapping into a vision not yet realized, and an opportunity to stimulate awe and wonder.

Our people
With a team of artists, engineers and developers, Merge is reinventing how the world thinks about finding and building great places to work, stay and play.

Christopher Woody

Stuart Cullinan

Corey Mason

What you stand for says something about who you are.

Change Leader
We always seek to change existing paradigms, and we are unafraid to take the lead towards a better way of living.

We take intentional time to think, understand and explore because we believe that superior outcomes only result from an intimate understanding of challenges, possibilities and the exceptional execution of thoughtful and inspired solutions.

Design driven
We are driven by design. The kind of design that balances form and function, and energizes our appetite for exploration, reflection and creativity. We see no use in a beautiful building that doesn’t work, or a practical space that doesn’t inspire.

Curious tenacity
We are intrigued by the intangibles that stir the creative soul, and the inspirations that ignite new ideas. Our curiosity is matched by our tenacity to relentlessly uncover the best solutions and execute superior outcomes.